PT Sinar Makmur Organik Produce Organic Granule Fertllizer with Mainly Brand “Gramofert” which are form fermented organic waste material e.g Chicken, Cow manure and other related material for organic fertilizer “from nothing to become some thing“

Compost enriched with organic materials and other soil-enhancing materials that are beneficial for improving the physical, chemical, and biological conditions of the soil so as to increase the effectiveness of fertilization.

The most appropriate solution to improve soil fertility along with the lower organic content of agricultural and plantation land

PT Sinar Makmur Organik Produsen Pupuk Organik Granular
PT Sinar Makmur Organik Produsen Pupuk Organik Granular

Benefits and Advantages


How to Use?

1. Seedbed

Sowing seeds with a maximum age of 12 days

2. Soil Cultivation

Plowing and turning the land

3. Basic Fertilization

Fertilizing with Fertilizer : 500 kg/Ha Gramofert + 150 kg/Ha NPK + 50 kg/Ha Urea

4. Soil Leveling

Leveling the soil that has been fertilized with Gramofert Organic Fertilizer and NPK Fertilizer Irrigate the rice fields and it is recommended to make a trench around the paddy field

5. Planting Seeds

Planting seedlings 3 days after leveling the soil

6. Fertilizing with NPK Fertilizer and Urea

Age 20 DAP, 150 kg/Ha NPK + 50 kg/Ha Urea Age 35 DAP, 100 kg/Ha Urea